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Manhood Camp is a 501c3 tax exempt organization that offers a 10 week Life Skills program focusing on empowering At-Risk young men towards safe and productive behavior.  Our program's aim is to impart four main principles: 1. Self-Awareness, 2. Self-Empowerment, 3. Personal-Responsibility and 4. Social-Responsibility.

The program is broken down into ten separate classes. These classes are conducted over a ten week period.  Each class is structured to allow both clear and concise instruction as well maximum student participation.  The classes are designed to help the students grasp the meaning of each above mentioned principle and help give practical ways to successfully implement these core concepts into their everyday lives.  In addition to class instruction, there are also educational and entertaining field trips. These trips are carefully planned to allow the students the opportunity to enjoy time away from the structured class environment and to expose them to a variety of positive experiences.

Manhood Camp students are encouraged to actively participate in all discussions and follow through with completing all related session activities. We believe that in an uninhibited atmosphere, amongst their peers, our youth will feel more comfortable expressing their fears and doubts, and be open to learning new strategies and interventions to overcome the challenge of becoming productive men. As group facilitators, we also challenge all “Manhood Camp” participants to let go of false, misguided notions of manhood and encourage them  to embrace a more productive course of thought. Additionally, we  feature guest speakers (productive men and women from different walks of life) to share their personal journey's to help foster a deeper understanding of the true meaning of manhood.

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